Audio Equipment Rentals

At Eurokay, we offer the best sound system and audio equipment rental packages. We have the most amazing equipment for events of any shapes and sizes. Eurokay’s audio equipment include a variety of speakers, public address systems, microphones and DJ equipment.


We have a wide variety of microphones in terms of size and features. They include wireless microphones that allow users to move around easily, wired ones that are ideal for use with microphone stands and combo packs that allow two or more presenters to speak at the same time.


Our speakers are great complements to any sound system. They not only pass your message with utmost clarity but also give your venue an astonishing look. We have powered and unpowered speakers for audiences of any size.

PA systems

Our PA systems come in a variety of packages. We acknowledge that PA needs vary depending on the size of your audience. That is why we have organized our packages for audiences that range from as few as 10 people to as many as tens of thousands. Basically, PA systems include speakers, stands, mixers and microphones all in one package.

DJ equipment

We boast of well-maintained DJ equipment that is guaranteed to pump up your event. If you live in and around Houston then you don’t have to shop around for DJ equipment because we have each and every one of them. They include CDJs, turntables, speakers, and booths.

Remember that we can customize our equipment and services to suit your specific needs.

  • Private spaces: trust Eurokay audio equipment to offer you the best sound solutions for any private event; whether it is a private party, banquet or dinner. We have equipment for spaces of all sizes ranging from classroom sized rooms to vehicles and even private jets.
  • Public spaces: need to keep in touch with members of the public? We have audio equipment for that. Rent our one way or two way A/V equipment that will allow you to communicate with the public and get feedback as well.
  • Outdoor events: we have the best audio equipment for open air events and gigs of any size. Our highly customized sound equipment will offer you the best service for a space of your choice.
  • Multi-participant events: are you organizing an event where many or every participant needs a microphone? That could be very tricky for a non-professional; and that is why we are here for you. We have the right audio tools to put in place an event that can allow everybody who needs to participate to do so actively.
  • Conferences and panel discussions: whether you are planning a round-table or an online based panel discussion, our audio equipment will offer you the clarity and satisfaction that you need. We also have the most outstanding sound systems for conference meetings and press conferences.
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