Large Format LED Video Walls

Eurokay offers you a wide variety of LED panels. If you are in need of LED screens or video displays for your event then simply contact us today for a free quote.

Our High definition indoor and outdoor LED video panels can scale to any size to serve a fairly small audience and large, giant video walls of a super large audience. Either way, we will work with your budget and the size of your audience to ensure that you get the best screen possible with whatever you have.

We also have specialists who deliver and operate the LED screens as your event progresses. All our employees are trained our employees will work with your specifications and venue environment.

Remember, no event is beyond our capabilities. We will customize your video wall by building and shaping it into many desirable sizes. Just give us your budget and needs and we will advice you accordingly, offer you the best screen and add experts to the package so that you don’t face a rough time when trying to handle these high tech equipment.

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