Why choose us

  • We are experts: we take pride in the vast experience that we have in managing events. If you want to host a flawless event then we are the best pick for making it memorable. Our employees are highly trained and experienced.
  • Size is not a problem: Eurokay has your back whether you are planning a small conference, a medium size wedding or a concert with hundreds of attendees. Our scope is not limited and you can be guaranteed of outstanding services.
  • Affordable “a la carte” packages: all our services and rentals are the most affordable in the industry. You can choose to hire one or a few services or leave the whole planning and management hassle to us.
  • Top-notch equipment and services: we don’t want you event to be just like any other. That is why we always do our very best to ensure that it is outstanding and attractive to your audience. Our equipment is the best in the industry.
  • Variety of services: we offer virtually every production service that you might need to organize a successful event. They include creative lighting, audio and video rental services all organized in incomparable packages.